May 14 2013 Tuesday at 02:35 PM

Good Watering Equals Better Battery Life

You should charge your cart every time you ride it.

It doesn’t matter if you ride for one hour or one day, CHARGE IT. The Yamaha charger is a smart charger and will turn itself off when the charging cycle is complete. You cannot overcharge the batteries, the charger will not allow it.

Do I need to cycle my batteries?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. If you allow the lead acid batteries in your cart to completely die 3 or 4 times you will be replacing the batteries because you have ruined them.

When should I water the batteries?

Depending on use you should water the batteries every month or two. If you use your cart everyday you should water the batteries every month.

How do I check the water level in my batteries?

If your cart is not equipped with a battery watering system follow these steps.
  • First, fully charge the batteries.
  • Second, remove the caps from the top of the batteries.
  • Third, using only distilled or deionized water, fill each segment of the batteries so that the lead inside each compartment is covered with 1/4” of water. Do not overfill.
  • Lastly, replace the caps on the top of the batteries.

If your cart is equipped with a Battery Watering System use the following directions.

  • YOU MUST fully charge the batteries before adding water to them.
  • Connect the quick connect fitting together joining the fill adapter to the onboard watering system. The onboard watering system quick connect is located near the tow/run switch under the seat.
  • Place the opposite end of the fill adapter tube in a container of distilled or deionized water. DO NOT USE TAP OR WELL WATER.
  • Using the squeeze bulb on the fill adapter to gently pump water into the watering system until you feel the pressure in the bulb build to a point of resistance. There is no need to forcefully pump water into the batteries. The caps on the batteries are float valves that will close when there is adequate water.

Note: If you are watering your batteries properly you will only be adding a few ounces of water each time you perform this routine.

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